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You probably don have experience with unstable or truly BAD Android updates. I do. I owned a Nexus 5 when Lollipop was released, and it was the buggiest, most unreliable sack of shit I ever used. These include:People being able to leave a contract as easily as they enter it. The CMA will also be looking at whether consumer law should also be reinforced.Publicly hold firms to account for charging existing customers much more; regulators should publish the size of the loyalty penalty in key markets and for each supplier on a yearly basis.Targeted price caps to protect the people worst hit by the loyalty penalty, such as the vulnerable, where needed.Auto renewal onto a new or fixed term should generally not be used, and should generally be on an opt in basis upfrontThe CMA also opened a consumer law enforcement investigation in the anti virus software sector as part of this.”There must be a step change to protect the people being hardest hit, including targeted price caps where necessary,” Coscelli said.”Together the CMA, regulators and government must act more promptly and powerfully to hold firms to account, stop them exploiting their customers and restore people’s trust in markets.”Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, said: “This is a strong response from the CMA, recognising that loyal customers are getting ripped off. That is exactly why we’ve been fighting to stop the loyalty penalty, and why we made the super complaint.”While the CMA needs to hold regulators to account, the onus is now on Ofcom and the FCA to act.

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